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reverendjack, February 13th, 2013, 6:41 am ( Reply )

- I took down the Valentines Day picture, because - well, it's no longer Valentines Day and - it could be argued that it went past my self-given R-rating (or webcomic equivalent) for this comic. I personally don't like the idea of censorship of any kind - but SmackJeeves isn't my website, and they do have this 'no pornography' rule here which I totally respect and *mostly* follow.
No, the image wasn't exactly pornographic - but it was definitely close.
Yes, this comic does have a pretty intense sex scene - but not that much more racy than something you'd see in an R-rated movie.
"So where can I find that image," you ask with your adult voice? It still has a home on the two sites where literally nothing is sacred.
tumblr >> http://reverendjack.tumblr.com/image/43057849412
and dA >> http://reverend-jack.deviantart.com/art/Ada-Lee-VDSD13-354179286

I made the picture as part of the Valentines Day Sex Drive that Stef Marcinkownski has been doing for years.

Click below for more info on the VDSD, and to check out the webcomics of the other participants!! >>

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