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Author Comments:

reverendjack, November 21st, 2012, 1:01 am ( Reply )

- where were we -
ah yes, had sex with the devil...
recurring theme: starting the chapter off in bed.

Advertisement, May 21st, 2018, 7:42 am ( Reply )


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Reader Comments:

  wow ( Reply )

can't wait!

posted by cchris_47 (Guest) on November 21st, 2012, 5:16 am

  ( Reply )

HALLO THERE LADIES! Sleeping with the devil, heh heh.
CAN'T WAIT, as in ohmygodIcan'twait, for this chapter.
When was starting the chapter off in bed EVER a bad idea? I'll definitely start a chapter off in bed soon.

posted by polkadots on November 21st, 2012, 10:15 am

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I will give you $5 if the first panel of the next page is Ada bolting upright in bed, shouting "I've figured it out!" I mean, don't, but I'd give you $5 if you did.

posted by Gibson Twist on November 21st, 2012, 1:02 pm

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Go ahead and cross "Slept with Devil" off your bucket list, Ada. Now go write a bestseller about the encounter, save your soul and get rich in the process!

posted by The_Hankerchief on November 21st, 2012, 2:33 pm

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@polkadots: i think it shows the characters at their most vulnerable - or that every day is a chapter that begins when we first wake up. ..which is bullshit.
really, it's just a cliche (among many) that i didn't even try to avoid.

@Gibson Twist: you'll have to find other ways to launder the money you make as the assassin they call when all of the others say, "no women - no children".

@The_Hankerchief: . .. ... .... *rewrites entire script*

posted by reverendjack on November 22nd, 2012, 5:19 am

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