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reverendjack, 21 Sep 2012 02:25 am ( Reply )

end of second interlude - whatthefuuuuuck...
how did one week turn into two and change?.. . .
These fits of completely forgetting how to draw are probably more frustrating for you than they are for me, but I'm not above saying I'm sorry for leaving you guys hanging on the last page of this interlude.
I have been looking forward to doing chapter 5 ever since I started this thing. There will be answers - or at least, a lot more puzzle pieces. Is that what they are? This isn't an M Night kind of thing... I think. Who knows? Yeah, I do.

Before I begin the 5th chapter, I'm going to do a couple of pages of something a bit different and put them here. That's all I'm saying about that.

But this is important >>>
I don't donate to anyone's kickstarter as much as I wish I were able to, but this one is worth a shout-out or ten:
Gibson Twist started a kickstarter to have the first book of his webcomic, Pictures of You, printed up.
If ever there was a webcomic that begged to be in print, it's definitely this one.
It's only been taking pledges for a few days now, but he's sooooo close to reaching his goal. That pretty much speaks for how awesome of a webcomic PoY is.
If you haven't read Pictures of You, click this >>
If you have, that means you love it - and should definitely head over to the kickstarter page >>

Word and word.

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What's funny is the comic shown in the Ink Outbreak box when I navigate here is also Pictures of You. The universe is giving me a swelled head.

And I also felt like that woman was trying hard to get MY attention.

Cheers, Jack! Loads of thanks.

posted by Gibson Twist on 21 Sep 2012 09:26 am

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Oh Bjork.

posted by The_Hankerchief on 23 Sep 2012 01:53 am

  Checking in ( Reply )

Just wanted to say I miss the comic. Hope all's okay.

posted by Eye (Guest) on 14 Oct 2012 05:32 pm

  update ( Reply )


posted by chris (Guest) on 18 Oct 2012 05:17 am

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